A Very Keto Friendsgiving

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This E-Cookbook is a beautiful blend of traditional Mexican, Salvadorean, Filipino and of course, classic American ketofied Thanksgiving recipes.

This is a collaborative cookbook written and created by my 4 best friends and I, that have bonded by our love to cook and develop ketogenic recipes. We’re all mom’s on a health journey, living in the SoCal area.


4 reviews for A Very Keto Friendsgiving

  1. Sam

    Worth every penny! I follow all these gals on Insta and I love them so much. They’ve really helped me and taught me a lot about the keto diet. I’m a white girl from the South so I’m very happy to get some authentic recipes from Mexico, Salvador and Filipino. So cool! Can’t wait to wow my keto friends this year!!!

  2. Kyana (verified owner)

    This cookbook is a gem! I am so excited. I have bookmarked several enticing recipes. I plan to cook, eat, and drink with my husband and family for many weeks to come. Thank you for this amazing book!

  3. Hanh Tran

    This recipe e-book is AMAZING! You can tell there was so much time, thought, and love put into this. Such hard working ladies/mamas! The recipes are so straight forward so if you aren’t a regular cook, you should still buy the book because it’s not complicated! These recipes are great year round too! I’ll be printing it to have on hand in the kitchen

  4. Dest Ramos

    Such a great cookbook! A wonderful variety of recipes, very clear and well written instructions. Will definitely use for all holidays, and on a regular basis.

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