Stretch Mark Preventing Body Butter

This body butter recipe was originally given to me by my friend Jennifer, when I announced to her that I was 1 month pregnant with my 1st daughter. At the time I was only 115 lbs and I was really worried about my skin stretching. I knew I was susceptible to them as I already had some on my butt and legs from when I gained weight in my early 20’s, as well as the ones on my chest from 2 breast augmentations.

20 minutes after she emailed me this recipe I had already purchased all the butters and oils online. I was dead serious about preventing stretch marks!

I’ve had 2 pregnancies back to back and with both I ballooned up to 180 and 185 lbs! Thats a 70 lb weight gain mostly in my torso, butt and legs. I used this body butter religiously through both times I carried. To me that’s the ultimate test.

Making this stretch mark body butter is honestly the smartest thing I ever did for my skin. I don’t have one stretch mark on my stomach and back. NOT ONE. I do still have the stretch marks that already existed, which tells me its only preventative and not a miracle stretch mark removing cream.

Here you can see my small frame before, towards the end of my 2nd pregnancy, and my body 16 months after my 2nd pregnancy. You can see my skin has some lumps and bumps from fat pockets that I’m still trying to get rid of but 0 stretch marks! I have complete faith that it was this body butter that helped me avoid getting them. That’s why I’m so excited to share this recipe with the whole world!


Stretch Mark Body Butter Recipe

Butters and Oils:

16 oz. Organic Unrefined Raw Mango Butter

16 oz Raw Cocoa Butter

16 oz Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

16 0z Aloe Vera Butter

16 oz Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

You will need:

(3) 32 oz GLASS mason jars


Carefully melt each butter/oil one by one using low heat in a  pot, on the stove. Once one is melted pour into one large pot where you will combine them all. Let cool completely and place in glass mason jars. Put in fridge overnight to solidify. When ready to use take 1 jar out and keep in bathroom for daily use. Keep the others in fridge ill needed. You can also mix with hand mixer to make a fluffier whipped version.

Rub body butter on all areas of concern nightly or even twice daily if you’d like. Be religious about it! It’s pretty oily, so be careful with clothes and sheets. I began using it 1 month into each pregnancy and for up to 3 months postpartum to assist with my skins elasticity as it bounced back.

NOTE: When I made this 4 years ago I bought 16 oz of each butter/oil and it filled (3) 32 oz jars. I only used 1 jar for BOTH pregnancies. You can definitely purchase smaller amounts of each to yield a smaller supply of body butter but I find you get more bang for your buck by purchasing the bulk sizes of each. I gave my other 2 jars away to pregnant friends and they were so happy, it made a perfect gift!

Stretch Mark Preventing Body Butter

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