Mexican Food Lovers Keto Survival Guide

I created this simple guide to help all of my friends that love Mexican food but are livin’ la vida low carb! (LOL)

So where can you get these products? What exactly are these products?? Don’t worry, I got you! Scroll all the way down to find the details of each product (including carb count per serving) and where to purchase.


Chilito Sirilo Chamoy

If you’re not familiar with chamoy its a sweet and tangy sauce made of fruit and spices. It’s often poured on fruit or it can be used to rim a cocktail like a michelada or ‘cerveza preparada”. Chilito Sirilo’s version is sweetened with stevia and has .8 g net carbs per serving (5 ml).

Find it here.

Susalia Tortillas

These tortillas are made of corn and cactus. They have 8g net carbs per serving (2 tortillas). These are absolutely the closest thing I have found to the real thing.

Keep in mind they do contain corn if that’s an ingredient you’re trying to avoid.

Find them here.

Cut Da Carb 

Cut Da Carb wraps are soy free, nut free, and dairy free.  They are basically real bread that is stretched out paper thin. It’s a foot long, and has 9g net carbs per sheet.

It’s incredibly versatile. I love it in place of flour tortillas for burritos or wraps. You can also fry them to make tostadas or chips. I use them in my Low Carb Cannoli’s and Fried Ice Cream.

Purchase them here and get 10% off your first order with code: Darlene10.

Cut Da Carb is not available in stores as it doesn’t contain preservatives and isn’t shelf stable. To maintain integrity they only sell online. Store them in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve freshness.

*CDC is made with wheat and contain gluten, beware if that’s something you are trying to avoid.

Eden Organic Black Soy Beans

I hesitated on giving these beans a try for a long time! I really wish I tried these sooner. They take a little longer to cook but they’re definitely worth the wait.

I’m working on making a tutorial but basically I cook them in a pan with bacon fat, garlic, onion, salt to taste and Daks Spices Taco Seasoning until they’re softer and then use my immersion blender to make them like refried beans.

Find them here on Amazon. They’re also available at Whole Foods.

Sparkling Ice Carbonated Drinks

The pineapple coconut flavor is my personal favorite but the crisp apple and kiwi strawberry are also good. These are sweetened with sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener that doesn’t typically cause spikes in glucose.

You can find this at most local grocers and also on Amazon.

Newdles Tomato Flavor Konjac Noodle Soup 

I always have these soups stocked in my pantry for lazy days. This tomato flavored noodle soup may not be exactly like abuelas fideo, but it’s pretty close. You can always purchase their plain spaghetti style noodles and make your own fideo broth from scratch!

Konjac is a root that is composed of water and fiber. It’s great for digestion.

The tomato flavor soup has 5g net carbs per packet and does contain a small amount of sugar. The spaghetti style noodles contain 1g net carb per serving and are sugar free.

ChocZero Caramel Syrup 

I pour this sauce on everything! You need this in your life. It’s a thick syrup with perfect caramel flavor and no bitter aftertaste. It’s sweetened with monk fruit extract and has 1g net carb per serving (1 tbsp).

I drizzle it on my Keto Fried Ice Cream recipe.

Find it here. Use my code: KINDKETOMAMA to save 10% at checkout.

Pork King Good

Pork Rind Crumbs are truly heaven sent! These are basically pork rinds ground down to crumbs. You can make your own but I really love the flavor from this brand.

This perfect coating for making a milanesa or using as a binder in albondigas (Mexican meatballs) in lieu of rice! I also use it as a crumb topping for my Cheesiest Low Carb Mac and Cheese, coating for my Keto Bloomin’ Onion Copycat and also for my Low Carb Bacon Jalapeno Fried Mozzarella.

O carbs, because its all delicious pork! They also have a Spicy Cajun flavor that I love! Find them all here.

Ketologie Keto Strawberry Shake

If you’re like me you grew up on Strawberry Quik. My mom even put it in my sister’s milk bottle as a baby. Yikes!

While at Keto Con last month I was able to sample their strawberry keto shake and I was so shocked when it reminded me of my childhood treat!

The shake mix has 2g net carbs per serving, contains coconut oil powder and grass-fed collagen and is sweetened with erythritol (a sugar alcohol that typically has no effect on blood glucose). It’s seriously delicious!

Purchase it here and save 10% with code KINDKETOMAMA10

Keto Fried Ice Cream

I don’t know how authentically Mexican this dessert is but it’s definitely one of my favorites and can be found at many Mexican restaurant chains.

This recipe is in my top 3 of those on the blog. Find it right here!

Keto Mantecadas (Pan Dulce)

I used to feel so left out when I would go have dinner at my fiancés family get togethers and they would all be enjoying pan dulce with some coffee for dessert. I would bring some keto chocolate but it just wasn’t the same.

This recipe is one of my most popular and has been approved by many of my keto practicing latinx brothers and sisters!

Find this delicious recipe here.


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