Keto Mexican “Corn” Tortillas


Today is an exciting day!

Over the weekend I was sent some of Sweet Life Flavor Co’s new Corn Tortilla flavor concentrate.

I suggested a corn tortilla flavor to them casually a couple weeks ago and I was so happy that they listened and delivered! Sweet Life is a great company that really listens to the consumer!

I love so many of their flavors, especially the “Ripe Banana” that I use in my Banana Cupcakes w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and also their “Creamy Apple Pie” that I used in my Keto Apple Pie Dessert Nachos posted on my IG!

I’m not affiliated with Sweet Life, which means I don’t receive any compensation/commission by supplying you with this sweet discount code for 15% off your purchase at check out: KINDKETOMAMA15

Corn Tortilla Flavor Concentrate

So, what tortilla recipe did I use?!

The best one I could find from my favorite Keto recipe blogger: Paola, from Gnom Gnom Yum!

Paola is an angel. She’s thorough with her recipes. She covers everything from what substitutions you can use, what tools work best, why she uses certain ingredients, and the science behind them too!

I’ve tried other keto friendly tortilla recipes and sadly they did not measure up. They were always to dry, too much of a coconut taste, too bland.

These are the perfect keto tortilla as they contain zero grain,  zero corn, zero added sugar and gluten free.

These tortillas are nice and pliable just like a freshly hand made tortilla. 

Keto, grain free, gluten free tortilla.

The ingredients are simple and I consider them all to be staples in my fridge and pantry. Don’t feel guilty about buying any of them, if you don’t already have them because I guarantee you will use them again, if you cook a lot of keto recipes at home. And don’t worry, Paola does name a few substitutions!

These tortillas are probably good as is using just her recipe, but I found that adding Sweet Life Flavor Co’s Corn Tortilla Flavor Concentrate really did set them over the edge! Deepening the flavor of the tortilla so that it’s closer to the real thing!

When to add the flavor concentrate!

I mixed 40 drops of the flavor concentrate right after the recipe calls for water (during step 2). I definitely wouldn’t add the drops to the dry ingredients out of fear that the flavor wouldn’t be evenly distributed.

40 drops may sound like a lot but is actually the perfect amount. With these flavor concentrates you typically add 3-5 drops per serving and there are 8 servings for this recipe.

Find the “CORN TORTILLA” flavor here!



Keto Tortillas

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