Avocado Cake Design

When my youngest daughter Jordan asked for an avocado cake for her 3rd birthday I was a little intimidated but still very excited for the challenge.

I love to bake, but pastry design is definitely not my forte!

I did some research on Pinterest and found a design that I liked.


I knew that I wanted it to be half an avocado sliced open to expose the pit, but the design I found didn’t have any instructions or specifications, so I pretty much had to wing it based on instinct. Scary.


My babies are not keto, so in order to alleviate some stress I decided to use boxed yellow cake. If I were to make this cake keto friendly I would use Keto Queen Kreations Yellow Cake Mix (you’ll need 3 packages) and substitute powdered sweetener like this one for the confectioners sugar.


The shape of the avocado was made with two “9 in round pans” according to the instructions on the box.
The pit of the avocado was made with half of a Wilton 3D Sports Ball Pan.

I ignored the instructions that come with it and baked it on the center rack at 350F for 30 minutes.


I made fresh chantilly cream for the frosting. Buttercream would have probably been easier to work with but it’s too rich for my taste. I like the lightness of chantilly cream. It’s basically whipped cream frosting with a fancy name.

Chantilly Cream Frosting Recipe

2C Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2C confectioners sugar

2 tspn pure vanilla extract

Whip on high speed in a stand mixer till stiff peaks form. Divide into 3 parts reserving most of it for the “avocado flesh”.


I used all Americolors Color Gel Paste for the frosting.

Avocado Skin: Americolor in “Chocolate Brown”

Avocado Flesh: A combination of “Chartreuse” and “Laurel

Avocado Pit: “Pumpkin” and “Chocolate Brown”

Check out this video on IGTV showing how it came together!

Avocado Cake Design-2

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